How to Get in the Fall Spirit at GVSU

Written by Leah Erben & Posted on October 24, 2018

There’s nothing quite like falling in love with GV’s campus as the leaves change colors and we pull out our scarves. And there’s plenty to do, too! Here are seven on and off campus activities that every autumn-loving Laker should check out this season.

Mary Idema Pew Library in the Fall
GVSU blue arch
GVSU Padnos academic building

Fall is here and that means Lakers are looking for ways to get their fix of pumpkins, apples, corn, donuts, and spook. There are opportunities everywhere for you to truly get into the fall spirit. Here are seven ideas that will make this autumn memorable.


1. Apple/Pumpkin Picking

Is it really fall if it doesn’t involve apples and pumpkins? Moelker Orchards is located in Grand Rapids and is the perfect weekend destination. They have extensive fields of pumpkins as well as various types of apples that are available for guests to come and pick themselves. Moelker Orchards also offers pick-your-own cherries and horse-drawn wagon rides and is a fall staple for anyone who is looking to get into the spirit of the season.


2. Corn Maze

There’s nothing more fun than getting lost in acres and acres of corn. For only $3 a person, you can attempt to maneuver your way through Bethke Farms’ famous corn maze. It’s time to put your internal compass to the test and make some memories along the way.  


3. The Arboretum

Autumn is undeniably one of the top four most beautiful seasons, and this can be seen just by taking a stroll around GVSU’s stunning campus. Grab some friends, go on a walk through the Arboretum, and breathe in the fresh air and glorious colors.


4. On-Campus Pumpkin Painting

There’s nothing easier than taking advantage of the on-campus fall festivities. On October 23 from 7 - 9 p.m., Spotlight Productions is hosting a pumpkin painting party in Kirkhof room 2204. It’s a great opportunity to channel your inner artist and get in the spooky mood.


5. Donuts and Cider

Fall is not complete without enjoying some of the best donuts and cider Grand Rapids has to offer. Check out Robinette’s in Grand Rapids for some sugary baked goods and beverages that are unforgettable.


6. Thrifting for the Perfect Halloween Costume

Having the world’s best Halloween costume doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out Allendale’s or Standale’s Goodwill and make the perfect costume yourself! There’s nothing more magical than a good, thrift-shop find and the pride from spending no more than $9 on it.


7. Fall Baking

There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned evening of baking! Gather some companions and find a kitchen. Google recipes or ask your friends for their favorite dishes and try out some classic fall recipes like apple pie, pumpkin cookies, and caramel apples.


If you want to stay up to date on all other events open to Grand Valley students, check out the events calendar online.  

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