How to Become a GVSU Instagram Influencer

Posted on July 12, 2019

Written by Leah Erben

It is crucial that your Instagram followers know where you go to school and how much you love GV. You’re a Laker, and you need an Instagram that shows the world that you bleed blue. Here are 10 ways you can become #GVinstafamous and spread your Laker pride all over social media.

1. Selfie with Louie

Every once in a while, you’ll find the legendary Louie the Laker roaming around campus, desperately searching for a student who wants to be in a photo with him. He feeds off of Instagram likes, so it’s important that you get that picture and post it all over the place.

Louie the Laker in a selfie

2. Sport your GVSU Apparel

How are people going to know where you go to school if you don’t wear the GV logo all over your body 24/7? You can find all of the stylish swag you need at the Laker Store, and follow @gvsulakerstore on Instagram for sweet sales and giveaways.

Students wearing matching Grand Valley T-Shirts.

3. Picture in the Arb

When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, there is no better place to snap some pics than GVSU’s own Arboretum. You strike a pose among the beautiful flowers, a gentle breeze rustling the leaves of the trees behind you. A squirrel sprints in front of you, and the birds chirp above. A rejuvenating wave of peace comes over you as you think of the number of likes this picture is going to get. #nature

A student looking at flowers in the arboretum.

4. Clock tower PhotoShoot

DONG. DONG. What’s that noise? DONG. DONG. Oh, it’s the beautiful sound of 200+ Instagram likes! The clock tower is a signature part of both GVSU campuses, and getting a picture with it should be on every Laker’s bucket list.

Three students laughing outside of the Cook-Carillon tower.

5. Downtown Blue Bridge

We are so lucky to be close to such a gorgeous city, and one of the most beautiful places to get a classic downtown Grand Rapids photo is on the blue bridge. When all your followers see the post, they are guaranteed to be amazed at how cool it is, drop everything they’re doing, and move to Grand Rapids so their life can be as cool as yours.

Students being educated on the Blue Bridge.

6. Fish Graffiti

Have you ever taken the bus from Allendale to GR? Have you noticed those beautiful fish painted onto the wall of the overpass? Some people would think nothing of it, but a Laker Instagram celebrity like you sees that as photo op gold. Lean up against the wall, snap a picture, post it, and prepare for fame.

Ruben Ubiera's "In Our Element" art installation.

7. Football Photo

It’s game day! Paint your face blue, throw on anything you can find that says GVSU and head to the big game. Some people go to athletic events because they care about sports, but not you. #doitforthegram

A view of football at Lubber's Stadium.

8. Pond Pictures

Zumberge pond is a lovely place to study when it’s warm out, but we don’t have time for that. Get to the water and TAKE THOSE PICS.

Three students studying by Zumberge Pond.

9. Starbucks

​​​​​​What’s the point of having an Instagram if you’re not going to post pictures of your lattes? Head to Starbucks and grab a drink so your followers can see how trendy you are.

Starbucks Coffee inside of the marketplace at GVSU.

10. Library Roof

On the fourth floor of Mary Idema Pew, you will find access to the roof. Go at sunset and stare in awe at the stunning evening sky casting rays of color over the entire campus. Don’t stare too long, though. We have photos to take.

Students sitting on the roof of the Mary Idema Pew library as the sun sets.

If you follow these recommendations, you are sure to have an Instagram overflowing with Laker pride. And, if you want to be really #cool, follow @gvsustudentlife for #flawless content and more great photo op ideas.

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