Have a COW, Why Don't You: Community Outreach Week

Posted on February 13, 2018

Are you looking for ways to fill service hour requirements for a class or scholarship? Are you someone who enjoys volunteering? Community Outreach Week is the perfect time to get started or continue to volunteer in our communities!

Community Outreach week (also known as COW), is from March 24–31. Community Outreach Week hosts many ways to get involved in service, and however you see fit! As students, you are constantly battling finding balance with homework, jobs, student organizations friendships, and much more. COW encourages students to individually go out and make a difference in any way they can — on their own time!

Consider using the CSLC's resources when looking for opportunities by following these steps

  1. Visit the CSLC website and click on “for students”
  2. Click the  “community partner database” button to see a list of nonprofits in the area
  3. Choose a nonprofit to contact and ask what kind of help they need


Now that you’ve set up a community partner to work with, feel free to call up your friends and get a group together! If you prefer to serve alone, that’s great, too! Just make sure you log your service time on Service Tracker to keep track of your volunteer hours while at GVSU.

Student volunteers look over a sheet of paper

As they say, there are those who volunteer and those who don't. It's a case of the calves and calve-nots.

COW's website

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