Get Ready With Us: Presidents’ Ball 2020

Author: Beth Baranski

Posted on January 21, 2020

The ‘20s are back and taking Presidents’ Ball by storm! From getting all dressed up with your closest friends to shimmying the night away on the DeVos Center dance floor, Presidents’ Ball is bound to be a night you’ll never forget. With the event coming up soon on Jan. 31, it’s time for us to help you get ready for your fancy night out.

Step 1: Practice, Practice, Practice

In preparation for the big night, remember that practice makes perfect. Presidents’ Ball is an excellent opportunity to show off you best dance moves, so it’s time to grab your closest friends, pull up that YouTube tutorial, and learn the Charleston!

Two Students Swing Dancing

Step 2: Now About That Dance Partner…

Now’s your chance to finally ask your crush out and invite them to foxtrot the night away with you at Presidents' Ball!  Friends can make great dance partners too, and either way, you’ll have a blast whirling and twirling the night away.

Couple Slow Dancing

Step 3: Throw on Your Dancing Shoes

To truly enjoy the classiest evening of the year, you’ve got to look the part. After searching far and wide, you’ll finally find the look that suits your fancy and will be ready to get all dolled up for the big night. Put on your suspenders and bow ties, zip up that dress, and slide into your dancing shoes!

action shot of dancer on stage

Step 4: Walk Through the Time Machine

The DeVos Center time machine is ready to take you right back to the Jazz Age. People will waltz by in glittering dresses and the slickest button-up shirts, ready for a night of fun-filled memories.

couple dancing

Now that you know how to get ready for Presidents’ Ball 2020, it’s time to get your ticket! For tickets and everything else you need to know about the event, visit the Presidents’ Ball website. Happy dancing, Lakers!

Page last modified February 20, 2020