Celebrate the Coming of Spring

Posted on March 28, 2019
Written by Leah Erben

What’s that? Is that… the sun?

At long last, the snow is gone and the sun is shining! Notice the sound of the birds chirping and the gentle breeze that blows your hair into your face. The flowers on campus are beginning to grow and you can see some students come out of hibernation and cautiously leave their living-center for the first time in months. Spring is here, so how are you going to celebrate?

student walks towards GVSU clock tower in spring

Meijer Gardens

Take a trip east and stroll through the gorgeous flowers and sculptures at Frederik Meijer Gardens. You will find beautiful art, butterflies, tropical birds, and a famous 24-foot tall horse sculpture that rambunctious children always (unsuccessfully) try to climb. You might even be able to see a show in the beautiful amphitheater garden. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the coming of spring; you can find more information on their website.

GVSU Outdoor Adventures

The warm weather is a perfect opportunity for you to try out one of GVSU’s outdoor recreational clubs or organizations. Explore nearby forests with Parks, Adventure, Recreation Club to learn new outdoor skills such as navigation, rope work, climbing, paddling, exploring, and more. If you’re passionate about protecting our beautiful planet, join Farm Club or Beekeepers and discover how you can make a difference. You can find more information about any of these groups and more opportunities on LakerLink.

John Ball Zoo

Now that the sun is back and the snow piles are finally starting to melt, Grand Rapids’ zoo has officially reopened! If you’re a fan of pandas, bears, penguins, tigers, frogs, monkeys, lions, or animals in general, a day trip to the zoo will be right up your alley. The John Ball Zoo even has reduced rates for college students, and you will have the opportunity to make lasting memories with your human and non-human friends alike.

Hiking and Biking

GVSU is surrounded by beautiful woods and trails that are perfect for hiking, jogging, biking, and rollerblading. You can explore the ravines without even leaving the Allendale campus and check out the banks of the Grand River. Ottawa County and Kent County also have many popular parks and trails for you to enjoy. GV has a list of recommended hiking trails and maps on the Recreation and Wellness website.

Hammocking in the Arboretum

The Arboretum contains beautifully scenic trails and countless trees perfect for hammocking and you won’t even have to leave campus. This is the perfect place to chill, read, or even get some homework done, all while soaking in the sun.

Beach Day

It might not be warm enough to go for a swim, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go to Lake Michigan, see the waves crash into the shore, and watch the sunset! Both Grand Haven State Park and Holland State Park have stunning lakeshores and adorable beach towns. Stroll through the sand and then do some shopping downtown or grab dinner with friends.

Now that you have some ideas of how to celebrate the coming of spring, it’s time to get out of bed and actually go outside! The sun is calling your name, and the return of warmth is a long-awaited event that deserves to be celebrated. For even more ideas of how to celebrate, check out the events calendar!

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