Calling All First Year Leaders!

Posted on September 19, 2017

Why is leadership important?

No matter what you are studying at GVSU, developing your leadership abilities will set you apart as you move forward in life. A leader can solve problems, build relationships, and empower those around them. Leadership does not have to be associated with a position of power. Your organization can have multiple “leaders,” but being the president does not automatically make you one. The ultimate sign of a leader is the ability to take something they are passionate about and turn it into action. We can all change the world, and leadership is the first step.

“Leadership is important to me, because it helps challenge individuals to be their best self and also encourages inclusive and collaborative teamwork! FYLE really shaped me to view leadership as perpetually evolving and incredibly individual. As a facilitator, I saw first year students grab on to the idea and run with in their own unique way, which was so cool to see. It's great to know we have programs that are shaping the upcoming leaders and frontrunners of Grand Valley and beyond.”

-Past FYLE Facilitator, Patty Durrell

FYLE Students
FYLE Students

“Leadership is the ability of a person to use his or her strengths to encourage and enable others to act through showing them their own individual potential and purpose.  Leadership is fueled by an undying passion and drive to better oneself, others, and the world. I loved FYLE because it gave me the ability to network and find my niche, there was a range of lessons and topics such as diverse education, ethical decision making, goal setting, and it allowed me to learn more about myself and my leadership style!”

-FYLE Graduate, Mikaela Padgen

First Year Leadership Experience Information

The First Year Leadership Experience (FYLE) program consists of six sessions, held once a week on Monday from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the Kirkhof Center.


Week 1 (10/9): Exploring Leadership, Team Building & Meet Mentor Group

Week 2 (10/16): Personality Type (True Colors)

Week 3 (10/23): Diversity Education & Inclusive Leadership

Week 4(10/30): Values Education & Ethical Leadership

Week 5 (11/6): Commitment into action, Group Dynamics & Goal Setting

Week 6 (11/13): Networking, Empowerment & Celebration

FYLE is designed to assist new leaders in creating and enhancing their personal philosophy of leadership while developing basic leadership skills and learning about all of the leadership opportunities that the GVSU community has to offer. All first year and transfer students are encouraged to be a part of this program, especially those who are interested in future leadership roles.

Become more. Become a better leader.

Chase Dolan & Amber Gerrits: [email protected]

September 19, 2017

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