Bundle Up, Lakers: D.I.Y. Blanket

Written by Nick Gbur & Re-Posted on January 18, 2019

Let’s get started.

You’ll Need:

Two yards of two different fabrics (preferably one GV-themed fabric)


A ruler

Step 1:

Trim both fabrics so they are equal in size

Step 2:

Cut a 5” by 5” square from each corner

Step 3:

Cut 5” by 1” strips along all four sides of the two squares of fabric

Step 4:

Tie one strip from each piece of fabric into a knot. Continue to do this until the two squares of fabric are fully connected and all strips are in knots.

...and you’re done! Look at your blanket! Hug your blanket! Wrap yourself in all the blankets you own, and you’ll never have to leave your room ever again! And don’t forget to share your blanket with us on Instagram @GVSUStudentLife.

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