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The Cook Carillon Clock Tower is Being Torn Down

Due to the high volume of student and staff complaints over several decades, Grand Valley will be taking down the famous Cook Carillon Tower. It’s just way too loud. This will be a sad occasion for some, but many will rejoice because of the peace and quiet that will finally be coming to campus.

Find out more about the final days of the clock tower while you either reminisce about your favorite memories or celebrate its departure.

Posted on April 1, 2021
Written by Andreas Fields

clock tower

Grand Valley’s Cook Carillon Clock Tower will soon be coming down. Beginning the week of April 7, the Clock Tower will be disassembled brick by brick with the help of various members of Grand Valley’s maintenance and custodial teams.

“Some students love the clock tower and see it as an iconic GV landmark, but others just love chaos and want to see it destroyed,” says Billiamson Williamson, the lead engineer on the project. Williamson designed the plan for the workers to follow, and says the news was a shock to those who work at Grand Valley, as well as many of the students. However, there are those in the community who are celebrating an end to this chapter in Grand Valley’s history.

Rose Rosenstein, a third year student, says she’s been afraid of the clock tower since her family first toured campus. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped while walking past it because the big ding-dong song caught me off guard.”

As for the discarded bricks, the university intends to keep some of them to remember the legacy of the beautiful clock tower and the lovely music it brought to campus. GV will be auctioning off the unclaimed bricks to members in the Grand Valley community. Rumor has it that the funds will go toward the disassembly of the Transformational Link, ending its curse once and for all.

Clock tower


The famous clock tower, in all its glory, is here to stay. You have been pranked (epically). Happy April Fool’s Day!

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