Best GV-Themed Costumes

Written by Nick Gbur & Posted on October 24, 2018

Can’t decide what to be for Halloween? We can help. Presenting the finest Grand-Valley-themed Halloween costumes for your viewing (and dressing) pleasure.

Pumpkin carved with anchor

T. Haas

Impersonate our fearless leader and University heart-throb, T. Haas this Halloween with a simple yet tasteful costume that’s sure to impress.

What you’ll need:

  • Black blazer with wide white pin striping
  • White dress shirt
  • Blue tie
  • American flag pin
  • Dress pants
  • Baby powder

First, you’ll want to take some baby powder and dump the bottle into your hair. This will give you the beautiful salt and pepper look of T. Haas’ elegant comb-over. Once the powder is fully integrated into your hair, go ahead and get dressed. When tying your tie make sure to use the full Windsor knot — anything else would be sacrilegious.

Louie the Laker

Dress as everyone’s favorite sailor, Louie the Laker!

What you’ll need:

  • Blue sailor hat
  • Blue-and-white-striped shirt
  • Rich blue pants
  • Two anchor tattoos
  • Black shoes

Step one: Grit your teeth and open one side of your mouth. Hold this position for the rest of the night. Step two: Get dressed. I recommend pants before shoes and shirt before hat but whatever floats your boat will work. Finally, apply an anchor tattoo to each arm just under the elbow fold. Anchor up!

Ultimate Laker Fan

For the true, last-minute costume, try the Ultimate Laker Fan. This costume is an easy two-step outfit. Step one: Gather all of your GV apparel. If you don’t have GV apparel, anything blue or black will do. Step two: Put it all on. Double or even triple layer it if you have to. It’ll be cozy and warm for the cold October night.

Clock Tower

Possibly the most underrated GV costume known to man.

What you’ll need:

  • A clock
  • Duct tape
  • A brick-red shirt
  • Khaki pants

Step one: Cut eye holes into your clock. Step two: Put on your clothes. The clock must be applied last. Finally, duct tape the clock around your head. Make note that you should be able to see through the eyeholes you created earlier. Congratulations! You look just like the Cook Carillon Clock Tower. Now scream random notes on the hour, every hour, and people will really get to engage with your costume.

Now that you have the costume contest winning get-up, find an event to check out on the events calendar! Happy Halloween Lakers!

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