ArtPrize Fast Facts!

Written by Trevor Bryan & Posted on September 25, 2018

The largest and in-chargest art festival in the world is happening right now in our very own city of Grand Rapids. Never been? Curious as to how to make the most of this grand event? Read on and feel the creativity wash over you.

Student Life Weekly #5 for the week of 10/01

Student appreciating a painting on a wall inside a gallery space
Students within an artwork made of plexiglass
Group of students listening to a presentation about art

The “Prize” in ArtPrize

The independently organized art celebration offers actual prizes to the creators that enter and feature their work in ArtPrize. There are two $200,000 grand prizes; one prize is awarded by attendee vote, while the other is given to the best artist based on a jury vote of expert judges. There are also some runner up awards, and the total amount of winnings goes upwards of $500,000.

Students entering the UICA for ArtPrize
Group of students looking at artwork inside a hotel lobby space

Wait--then how do I vote?

If you’re feeling particularly moved by a certain piece or exhibit, it’s time to cast your vote! You can vote for your favorites by downloading the ArtPrize app or online. Just note: the first vote you cast has to be at the event itself, and from then on, you can vote for your favorites from anywhere around the globe.

Art of Every Medium

One of the most enjoyable features of the event is the diversity of the art available for appreciation. If it can be considered art, you best believe that ArtPrize has it. From “classics” like paintings and sculpture, to more avant-garde art like performance based art and interactive exhibits, the options for viewing are endless.

Students looking at artwork in the river

The ArtPrize District

Take the Rapid downtown (free with your college ID of course), and experience the festival within a three-square-mile zone jam-packed with exhibits. This zone spans from the corner of Leonard St and Alpine Ave, to then the corner of Wealthy St and College Ave, and everywhere in between. Check out the map zone.

Students appreciating art outside
Students raking zen garden
A mural and entry in ArtPrize

Grand Rapids, the Furniture Capital of the world, has more to offer than just a comfy place to sit; get out of your room and check out this local legend of an event! More information is available on the ArtPrize website.

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