A Laker’s Luckiest Day: A St. Patrick’s Day Tale

Written by Sarah Krishef
Posted on March 8, 2021

What if your St. Patrick’s Day was as lucky as the four-leaf clover that represents it? On St. Patrick’s Day at Grand Valley, anything is bound to happen! Join us as we weave a tale about free time, free food, and convenient public transportation.

Your string of good luck begins the morning of March 17. While going for a walk on campus, you find a four leaf clover growing right near the clock tower. You pick it up and put it in your pocket and continue your walk.

Almost immediately, you can practically hear the shouts of joy across campus as every student simultaneously gets the email: all classes are cancelled for the rest of the day! Could it be a St. Patrick’s Day miracle?

With a free full day ahead of you, you’re feeling productive for once. You decide to head to the library to grab coffee and do some studying. When you reach the bus stop, the bus is already there, and it’s empty! You pick whatever seat you want.

Once the bus stops at Kirkhof, you decide to go to Java City for your coffee. There you discover something even more wonderful: your punch card has been filled up! You accept your free drink with joy. It tastes even better than usual today.

Saint Patrick's at GVSU

Your favorite spot in the library is free, so you settle in and get some homework done. After you’ve been working for a bit, you receive an email from one of your professors, which makes you nervous. You’ve been working on a big project in this class and the due date is in just a few days. You’re hoping that the professor isn’t looking to give you even more homework. 

Astoundingly, it’s amazing news! After noticing that everyone has been a little stressed out, your professor has decided to push back the due date for your project. Now you have a whole extra week to get your work done! Everybody in the group chat celebrates.

Pot of Gold stock image

You return home just as the sunset hits, managing to catch the bus before it pulls away from the curb. One final delight is waiting for you. Your roommate has decided to treat you to pizza! You bite into the crispy crust, thinking about all the little ways your life was made better today. Thank you St. Patrick. 

You take the magical four leaf clover out of your pocket and set it on your nightstand, smiling at it gratefully. Then you realize you left your bedroom window open just a crack, and a gust of wind pulls the clover out into the night sky. You gasp in horror and run to the window, but it’s already gone. You let out a defeated sigh, realizing you can only hope that next St. Patrick’s Day will be just as magical.

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