8 Valentine's Day Date Ideas for the Broke College Student

Posted on February 13, 2018

Your assignments are piling up higher than the clock tower, your stress level is just as tall to boot, and the lake effect snow is NOT putting you in the mood; it’s time to seek out your campus bae for some needed relaxation. Good thing Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

As a busy college student, finding the time (and money) to put together showstopping dates for your significant other can be difficult. If you’re grasping at straws for something fun and flirty to do this Valentine’s Day — look no further! Here’s how you can swoon your Laker love on a budget:

Date Idea #1: Blanket Fort Date

Nothing brings you back to basics like the age-old comfy construction of a blanket fort. With the extra sheets your mom packed you, build a ~love~ haven for added privacy and that comfy aesthetic. Use those double decker bunks in Copeland and get spicy with it! You and your S.O. will love teaming up to make the best fort this side of West Michigan. Flashlights recommended.

Date Idea #2: Try Something New Together

Is your date more outgoing? Plan a night of activities without breaking the bank! Never given yoga a college try? Bust out that YouTube tutorial that you’ve been meaning to watch and roll out a mat for two! There’s something about folding into a pretzel together for the first time that says “love,” don’t you think? Some other possibilities: go rock climbing at the Recreation Center, give blood together in Kirkhof through the Michigan Blood Bus Blood Drive (nothing is sexier than saving lives), cook a new recipe, or even learn JavaScript (for all you techies out there).

Date Idea #3: Channel Your Inner Diviner

Digging deep into bae’s psyche is something we’ve all tried via an Instagram stalking session, so why not just do it together? Read each other’s horoscopes, pretend you know how to read palms, and carefully do a tarot card reading. Yes, there’s already a lot of reading in your classes, so a few extra readings can’t hurt. Pro tip: do NOT administer a tarot card reading underneath the Transformational Link sculpture.

Date Idea #4: The Classic

If you really want to impress your S.O., transform your dorm room into a romantic getaway. You won’t have to face the blizzardy climate outside, and with our tips and tricks, your date will be falling head over heels for you. Buy some fake candles (nothing’s hotter than adhering to housing rules), get your laptop queued up with your favorite series on Netflix (we recommend “Lovesick,” “Atypical,” “Riverdale,” or “Easy”), and get some pasta from Crave in Kirkhof with your meal plan à la “Lady and the Tramp.” Jazz music optional.

Date Idea #5: Blindfolded Taste Test

For trusting couples only, this idea requires a couple of bandanas and an awareness of your bae’s food allergies. Hit up the C-Store in Kleiner for all of your mystery munchy needs. It’s a race against time to see how quickly they can guess what they’re eating. PS: If you can find Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, extra brownie points for you!

Date Idea #6: Playlist Swap

Spend a little time quizzing your S.O. on what kind of music they like: R&B? Pop? Gregorian Chant? Who knows. After the initial music screening, spend a little more time together building a playlist of songs you like that match their music tastes. The perfect blend of you both, this modern twist on the mixtape gift will have you singing to your boo’s faves for days.

Date Idea #7: Couple’s Portraits

Even if you’re not the descendent of Vincent Van Gogh, you can still have some fun trying to paint or draw your partner. If they truly are the apple of your eye, then bring their beauty to the canvas. Grab a seat in the Calder Art Center, some watercolors or your favorite pack of colored pencils, and get to crafting!


Date Idea #8: Karaoke, The Exclusive Performance Series

Even if you’re not a Julliard transfer, you can still have fun with your S.O. by giving them a private performance of your fave song. Your passion will leave them breathless. You may even consider auditioning for a Spotlight production! After singing a song to them, try out a classic duet! You never know if your love melody will inspire some harmonies until you give it a shot (cc: music majors).

These ideas are great whether you’re snowed-in your dorm room or loving Louie the Laker from afar off-campus. Grab someone special and try these out this Valentine’s Day!

Page last modified October 13, 2021