5 Songs That Remind You You're a Laker

Written by Nick Gbur & Posted on October 10, 2018

There are but a few things in life that cure a rainy day or slow Monday. When we’re feeling down or getting hype for the big game, we rely on the healing power of music to get us through. We’ve gathered a list of throwbacks, power ballads, and jams that scream Laker pride. Add them to your tailgating playlist or your daily rotation and dance it out!

I’m On a Boat - Laker for a Lifetime Parody

When you need to feel like a majestic angel, cresting over the horizon of Lake Michigan at sunset, coming to gift the Lakers with another victory, crank this parody of the Lonely Island classic. It’s a good time, it’s good vibes, and it’ll remind you why you chose this university.

Laker for a Lifetime -- I'm On A Boat (OFFICIAL VERSION)

Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65 feat. Gabry Ponte

When you’re a Laker, you bleed blue and live in a blue world. All day and all night everything is blue like you, inside and outside. Anchor up, da ba dee, da ba daa, da ba dee, da ba daa.

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Gabry Ponte Ice Pop Mix] (Original Video with subtitles)


Undeniably, the most Laker-iffic song of 2011. AWOLNATION’s bass heavy single from their album Megalithic Symphony will put a spring in your step and wind in your... sails.

AWOLNATION - Sail (Official Music Video)

Come Sail Away - STYX

Your parents love this song; soon you will too. From the ancient time of 1977, this nautical-themed power ballad from the legendary Canadian powerhouse known as STYX will pair perfectly with game day and will send your Monday blues sailing far, far, away.

Grand Valley State University LipDub *OFFICIAL*

Grand Valley Fight Song

Lyrics written by: Kathleen Ure Bell and Maris Timmer Tracy
Music conducted by: William Root

You had to know this was coming, but what you may not know are the actual words to the Grand Valley Fight Song. So, to help you out and to aid the Laker Marching Band’s morale, here are the official words to the GV Fight Song:

“We want a Grand Valley victory, as Lakers we have pride.

Our team will lead us on, Blue and White we're at your side!

We want a Grand Valley victory, as our foes will quickly see.

Raise! Your! Voices and cheer for a VIC-TO-RY - FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”

We know you’re dying to practice before the game, so listen to the fight song and sing along.

GVSU Fight Song

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