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A student on the phone.

Laker Tips & Tricks: How to Deal with Homesickness

At one point or another, homesickness finds its way into the hearts of college students. As much as we wish we could be home some days, curled up in our own beds, we have to find ways to focus on school and make the best of the time we have at Grand Valley. Here are four tips that will help you combat homesickness and feel more comfortable on campus.

Two students presenting their I am GV awards and T-Shirts.

I am GV: What it Means to be a Laker

Every year, GV students are recognized for their strong leadership and contribution to campus with the “I am GV” award. This award is given out to numerous students for their dedication to improving the Laker community through their involvement in student organizations, on-campus employment, and more. Here’s what a few of our previous nominees have to say about what it means to be a Laker.

A student at the Majors Fair.

Laker Tips & Tricks: How to Start Choosing a Major

Choosing a major is sometimes an intimidating part of heading to college, and with 94 undergraduate degrees offered at Grand Valley, it can be difficult to decide what field you want to go into. However, GV has many resources to help you discover what you’re passionate about! Here are four steps you can take to help you decide on a major at GVSU.

The Transformational Link sculpture.

Fact or Fiction? Investigating the scariest GVSU myths

Are there haunted tunnels beneath the GVSU campus? Were living centers like Copeland and Robinson originally designed to be prisons? It’s mysterious GV Myths like these that transfer from one student to the next until we can’t tell what’s fact and what’s fiction. What are we supposed to believe? After an in-depth investigation, here is the real truth behind the GVSU mysteries that haunt us all.

Rachel Syrba in the Whale Radio station.

Tune in with Rachel: A Student Life Story

When GVSU alum Rachel Syrba began her first year, she didn’t know anyone. When she picked up a CD from GV’s only student-run radio station at Campus Life Night, she had no idea what the next four years would be like. Rachel found a community at Whale Radio that made her feel at home and sparked a life-long passion for radio.

This is her story.


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Awkward Holiday Photo Booth

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