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Members of Alpha Sigma Tau meeting a student.

Find Your Family: Go Greek

If you’re looking to give back to the community while simultaneously establishing a sense of family at Grand Valley, look no further. Getting involved in Greek Life will allow you to be surrounded by brothers or sisters that push you to become the best person you can be and to always strive for success.

President Philomena Mantella.

Philly Fast Facts: Meet Philomena Mantella

It is time. Time to usher in a new era, one filled not with sadness for what has passed but, one filled instead with hope. Hope for the future. Hope for what is yet to come. Hope that someone can take this University to the next level. Today we give that hope a name: Dr. Philomena Mantella, Fifth President of Grand Valley State University. But who is President Philly really and what does she have to offer GVSU? To get to know her better, check out these Philly fast facts!

The GVSU logo on a student's cell phone.

#GVSUSocialMedia You HAVE to be Following

You kids and your phones...When’s the last time you picked up a book or actually talked to someone face to face? Well, save that for another day because it’s time to get back on Instagram and Twitter and start following some GV social media! Here are the top 5 accounts that are going to provide you with the most useful information to help you survive your college career.

The front of the Laker Line bus, the information sign says "August 2020".

Meet the Laker Line!

You’re on the bus from Allendale to Grand Rapids, trying to make it to your downtown class. You are standing in the back because every seat is taken, tightly gripping a cold metal bar because even those luxurious black fabric handles have all been claimed. The bus makes stop after stop to pick up more and more gaggles of grumpy students who will have no choice but to awkwardly press their sweaty little bodies up against yours while praying for the day that we will no longer have to live this way. Behold, that day is coming! THANK YOU LAKER LINE!

A group of students laughing by the Cook-Carillon tower.

How to Become a GVSU Instagram Influencer

It is crucial that your Instagram followers know where you go to school and how much you love GV. You’re a Laker, and you need an Instagram that shows the world that you bleed blue. Here are 10 ways you can become #GVinstafamous and spread your Laker pride all over social media.

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