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student receiving a massage in the GVSU library

Baas, Books, Back Pain: How to survive the last two weeks of school

It’s upon us. You can feel a change in the air. Much like when a storm looms over the horizon or a natural disaster begins to brew, the animals are beginning to act strangely. They know what’s coming. Finals. Never fear. We here at the Student Life Weekly will tell you everything you need to know to avoid spontaneously combusting due to stress. Take a deep breath: we’re doing a deep-dive into Exam Cram.


Outdoor shot of GVSU Allendale campus

Laker Tips and Tricks: 5 Things Students HAVE to do Before Summer!

Are you leaving campus for the summer? Before you go, it is important to take care of these 5 things and not miss out on opportunities that will set you up for success next year. Here’s everything you need to do on campus before you can spend the next 3 months basking in the summer sun.

8 GVSU students holding a letters that spell "GVSU" at Lakerpalooza

Music and Free Food and More (Oh My!): Your Guide to Lakerpalooza 2019

Do you like live music, circus acts, drag shows, and free food? If any of these things entice you,  come to Lakerpalooza, GVSU’s very own outdoor music festival!

President T. Haas headshot

T Haas is Doing WhAt?! Five reasons you should attend Haasta La Vista

The day is almost upon us, the retirement of our beloved T Haas is fast approaching and soon a hole will be left in our hearts that his gleaming smile and endless charm once filled. Before we’re left in a dark, months-long, campus-wide depression, let’s party one last time with T Haas and Marcia. You’ll never believe what he has planned...

GVSU students receiving balloon animals at ExtravaGRANDza

Goat Yoga and Fire Breathers?! What to expect at ExtravaGRANDza 2019

Oh no. The end of the semester is fast approaching, and that means you are overwhelmed by 5 upcoming exams, 9 papers, 17 group projects, and to top it off, you’re running out of time to hang out with friends before you all part ways for summer. Have no fear, ExtravaGRANDza is here!

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