Welcome to NACC 2017 at Grand Valley State University

Conference Program

The Grand Valley Speech Lab is proud to host the 16th annual meeting of the National Association of Communication Centers. We look forward to welcoming our communication center colleagues to beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan on April 21 & 22, 2017.


This year's conference theme is, "More than a Space: Empowerment at the Center." For many centers around the nation, securing adequate consulting space is a challenge. Many centers began in small, single room settings. Some centers have grown into office suites with multiple locations and virtual services. Others are still working to expand beyond their original locations and traditional consultations. Regardless if your center has its own room or building, we are more than the spaces we occupy. We are our staffs, our clients, and our achievements. Submissions are encouraged to focus on activities that take place inside and outside of our centers' spaces. Specifically, we hope to feature research and activities that function to empower our clients, staff, and communities. 


In addition to traditional NACC conference attendees from oral communication centers, we encourage participation, entries, and attendance from writing centers, multimodal centers, and all other peer tutoring services. While much of the conference will focus on oral communication, the conference also addresses the process of peer tutoring as a valuable pedagogical approach to teaching and learning. Please join us!


Please check back for updates as we continue to add new information about the conference. This website will assist you with:

Conference registration

Paper and panel submissions

Paper competitions

Award nominations

Travel and hotel information

Contact information for your hosts at GVSU


For more information on West Michigan and downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, click here.

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