Professor Joel Stillerman



Office Address: 2167 AuSable Hall
Phone: (616) 331-3129
Email: [email protected]

  • Ph.D., Sociology and Historical Studies, New School for Social Research


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Urban Sociology, Consumer Culture, Labor and Labor Movements, Inequalities, Latin America


  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Social Problems
  • Sociology of Community
  • Urban Sociology
  • Sociology of Consumption (Honors)
  • Sociology Capstone
  • Contemporary Sociological Theory

Current Research Interests

Middle classes in the Global South; Labor Protest in Latin America 

Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

Stillerman, Joel. 2015. The Sociology of Consumption: A Global Perspective. London: Polity Books.

Cárdenas, Ana, Felipe Link, and Joel Stillerman, eds. 2012. ¿Qué significa el trabajo hoy?: Continuidad y cambio en una sociedad global. (“What Does Work Mean Today? Continuity and Change in a Global Society”). Santiago, Chile: Editorial Catalonia.

Stillerman, Joel. 2017. “Explaining Strike Outcomes in Chile: Structural Power, Associational Power, and Spatial Strategies.” Latin American Politics and Society. 59, 1 (Spring): 96-118.

Stillerman, Joel. 2017. “Housing Pathways, Elective Belonging, and Family Ties in Middle Class Chileans’ Housing Choices.” Poetics. 61 (April): 67-78.

Stillerman, Joel. 2016. “Educar a niñas y niños de clase media en Santiago: Capital cultural y segregación socioterritorial en la formación de mercados locales de educación.” (“Educating Middle Class Children in Santiago: Cultural Capital and Socio-territorial Segregation in the Making of Local Education Markets.” EURE 42, 126 (mayo): 169-186.

Mosoetsa, Sarah, Joel Stillerman, and Chris Tilly. 2016. “Precarious Labor, South and North: An Introduction.” International Labor and Working-class History 89 (Spring): 5-19. 

Stillerman, Joel and Rodrigo Salcedo. 2012. “Transposing the Urban to the Mall: Routes, Relationships and Resistance in two Santiago, Chile Shopping Centers.”Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 41, 3: 309–336.

Stillerman, Joel. 2010. “The Contested Spaces of Chile’s Middle Classes.” Political Power and Social Theory 21: 209-238.

Stillerman, Joel. 2006. “The Politics of Space and Culture in Santiago Chile’s Street Markets.” Qualitative Sociology 29, 4 (December): 507–530.

Stillerman, Joel. 2004. “Gender, Class, and Generational Contexts for Consumption in Contemporary Chile.” Journal of Consumer Culture 4, 1 (March): 51-78.

Stillerman, Joel. 2003. “Space, Strategies and Alliances in Mobilization: The 1960 Metalworkers’ and Coal Miners’ Strikes in Chile.” Mobilization: An International Journal 8, 1 (February): 65-85.

Stillerman, Joel. 2003. “Transnational Activist Networks and the Emergence of Labor Internationalism in the NAFTA Countries.” Social Science History 27, 4 (Winter): 577-602.


Professor Stillerman's areas of concentration are labor and labor movements, urban sociology, consumer culture, inequalities, and Latin America.  He has conducted mixed method (ethnography, interview, visual, and archival) research in Chile on a) trade union protest and the effects of military rule on working-class culture; b) consumption in alternative (street and flea markets) and standard (shopping malls) retail formats and its relationship to the character of urban public life; c) middle class adults' decisions in the housing, school, and home decoration markets; and d) consumer behavior in shopping malls.  He has also examined transnational labor activism in North America.

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