Professor George Lundskow

George Lundskow


Professor George Lundskow
2171 AuSable Hall


University of Kansas
Ph.D. Sociology

Selected Publications

God Guns Gold and Glory: American Character and its Discontents. (with Lauren Langman) 2016. New York, NY: Brill. The central thesis is that the very things that the US used to rise to global power are now the exact same things that are destroying the country.

Lauren and I are working on a follow-up book, A Sane Society for the Future.


Religion, Theory, Social Character, and Historical Change


Social Psychology-Sociology's View
Sociology of Religion
Classic Social Theory

Current Research Interests

Social character, history, and religion


I received my Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Kansas in 1999. Since then, I have published numerous articles and books on the social psychology of right-wing populism and American Character. My current work is a manuscript entitled A Sane Society in the 21st Century as a continuation of my last book, God, Guns, Gold, and Glory: American Character and Its Discontents (Brill 2016). In general, I study the intersection of political-economic and cultural forces that legitimate popular acceptance of economic exploitation, cultural-identity oppression, militarism, and destruction, and at the same time, the forces that promise a more fulfilling and broadly prosperous future.