Smoking Policy

By enacting this policy, Grand Valley State University is taking action to minimize the harmful effects and discomfort which smoking produces for the benefit of all members of the University Community. All buildings at all GVSU locations are designated as smoke free. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor spaces and within 25 feet of all Grand Valley buildings, bus stops and the Little Mac Bridge. Click here for more information on Grand Valley's smoking policy.

Faculty, Staff and Student Reactions to a University Smoking Policy: Perception for Change

In the winter 2014, Student Senate surveyed 2,614 students, faculty and staff regarding the current smoking policy requiring smoking to take place 25 feet from any campus building. Statistical analysis of the survey performed by GVSU student Laura Johnson and faculty advisor Dr. Julia VanderMolen of Allied Health Sciences show the GVSU community desires a change from the current policy. What that change should be is still unclear and requires further survey work and insight from students, faculty, staff and administration.

Review the full report

Student Senate 2014 survey results. 


Student Senate Survey Question 16

Other University Smoking Policies

A list of public Michigan universities with a Smoke Free or Tobacco Free Policy

Central Michigan University  Tobacco Free; July 1, 2014

Eastern Michigan University  Tobacco Free; July 1, 2015

Ferris State University No smoking within 25 ft of buildings.

Lake Superior State University  No smoking indoors.

Michigan State University Tobacco Free; starting August 15, 2016

Michigan Tech  Tobacco Free; Jan 12, 2015

Northern Michigan University  Tobacco Free; Aug 1, 2014

Oakland University Smoke Free; Fall 2013

Saginaw Valley State University  Smoke free, January 2008

University of Michigan  Smoke Free; July 1, 2011

University of Michigan-Flint   Smoke Free; July 1, 2011

University of Michigan-Dearborn  Smoke Free; July 1, 2011

Wayne State University Smoke and Tobacco Free; August 19, 2015

Western Michigan University  Tobacco Free; Sept 1, 2014

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