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Rory Kruithof

Rory Kruithof

Hands-on experience in the lab is inspiring to Rory Kruithoff, a fall graduate of the Cell and Molecular Biology program.  Currently a microbiologist at Perrigo’s Holland location, Rory’s favorite classes were the Advanced Nucleic Acids and Cell and Tissue Culture laboratories as both classes provided the opportunity to develop technical skills while following a “story” in the lab.  Rory’s internship with Dr. Kathy Steece-Collier, at Michigan State University, helped him develop additional technical skills, but more importantly, he developed confidence in his intellectual and technical abilities.  Rory recognized his love for teaching while working as a graduate assistant, and now serves as an adjunct faculty member at Grand Valley where he teaches CMB 150: Biotechnology and Society.  The future holds many possibilities for Rory - he can see himself as a full-time teacher or alternatively striking out on his own by developing a biotechnology-related business, or both!

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