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Andy Kampfschulte

Andy Kampfschulte

Undergraduate Program: Biology, Grand Valley State University

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (616) 826-9706



I came to Grand Valley as a transfer student from Oakland University looking to get my education closer to home. I studied Biology as my undergraduate major, and only took statistics to get out of a math requirement. Ironically, despite my dubiety in anything math-adjacent, I found myself enjoying the universal applications of statistics, and found the faculty incredibly supportive and friendly. I went on to complete an applied statistics minor and later entered the Biostatistics PSM program after my undergraduate studies were completed.

During my time in the Biostatistics program, I worked as a Biostatistics Intern at Perrigo Pharmaceuticals in the Research & Development Department. Primarily my work focused on assessing inter-lab variability and drug formulation stability. During this time, I taught myself JMP statistical software and was able to present my work for Perrigo at JMP’s annual statistical conference, and from there a whitepaper was developed for upcoming regulatory compliance. After my internship was completed, I applied what I learned from programming in JMP’s JSL language and developed a plug-in to easily input and analyze data collected from local swim teams. This was presented at JMP’s international conference in Amsterdam, NL in 2016.

The Biostatistics PSM program helped me establish a strong knowledge base in applied statistics, and pushed me toward competent statistical programming- two vital skills that I have relied heavily on in my career.  The internship experience exposed me to building soft skills and gave me confidence working in a professional environment.

Initially after graduation I worked as a Statistician at Innovative Analytics, a small clinical research organization in Kalamazoo, MI, primarily acting as statistical support for phase I-III clinical studies. Currently I am employed as a Biostatistician, Sr at Spectrum Health’s Office of Research assisting medical students, physicians, and other researchers to produce robust study designs and analyses while mentoring Biostatistics interns from GVSU’s PSM programs. I also have the privilege to work as an Adjunct Faculty in GVSU’s Statistics Department as a STA 215 instructor. I hope to advance my research abilities using my foundation of statistics and programming established in the PSM program to produce novel, impactful research in the future, particularly addressing geographic and socioeconomic disparities in health outcomes.

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