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Ankit Bhaukajee

Ankit Bhaukajee

Graduate Program:                    MS. Data Science and Analytics, April 2018

Graduate Work Experience:      Graduate Assistant (Technology Specialist)

                                                   Robert and Mary Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center

                                                   Research Assistant (Dr. Guenter Tusch)

Awards:                                     Windstream Technology Award, GVSU, Aug 2017

                                                   Excellence in Discipline Award in Data Science, GVSU, Mar 2018


Undergraduate Program:      Bachelors in Business Information System

       Kathmandu University, Dec 2015 (Nepal)

Contact Info:

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Email: [email protected]



It was Google maps that first helped me land in Grand Valley State University from the distant bed of Everest, about 7,515 miles away. When I was in Nepal, I heard a lot about Michigan and its beauty. So every night in the bed, I used to imagine touring around Michigan. From the motors and hipsters of Detroit to Great Lake Superior of the north, the skyscrapers of Chicago (which I could only build with Legos), and the beer city of America. I knew in my heart that Grand Rapids would be my home for the next few years. For someone who came from a country whose per capita income is just about 1,000 USD, the affordability and great value were the main reasons to choose Grand Valley.

Steaks became my tummy’s favorite buddy since butchering a cow was illegal back in my country. Classes were amazing, the university was beyond my wildest dreams, the students were the best, and the professors were just awesome. I worked as a Research Assistant under Dr. Tusch and as a Data Analyst/ Technology Specialist for the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center. Despite English being my second language, with hard work, and patience, I was able to achieve a 3.9 GPA and was awarded with Excellence in Data Science and Analytics.

The Annual Career Fair was an amazing event where I built networks and connections that created new opportunities for me and aligned numerous job interviews. For my required internship of the PSM graduate program, I worked as a Java Developer and researched about different Machine Learning projects at Remote Tiger. The internship helped me understand the different paradigms of working in the real world and it helped me better understand a new Agile process that makes work more effective.

Currently, I am working at Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho as a Data Analyst Specialist. This position requires working with SQL, and my future projects are related to creating the pipeline for Python to consume data directly from the Data Warehouse. I’ll help create different statistical models to determine who should pay less premium and who should pay more. I am also creating different kinds of dashboards in Power BI to help different departments visualize and gain a clear understanding of their data and where the company is heading.

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