Using the Michigan Flora On-line

Using the Michigan Flora On-line is easy.  See the video above for help.

You can also use the search function
When using the search function, be mindful: no typos and keep it short! 
Unfortunately it only searches for exact matches.
For example: if you search bell-flower, you will have no results, likewise if you enter bell_(space), you will have no result, but if you enter bell you will get 19 results.

The search function can also give you a species list by genus, family, common index, wetness index, physiognomy, and county
You can choose multiple items at once by holding down on [Ctrl], thus for rare plants you should add nearby counties to make sure your list is robust (the range is based on plants collected and housed in the Herbarium and many counties have not been fully sampled).

You can search a family or genus and then key the plant to species but be careful the names are up to date and a family or genus, that you may be very familiar with, may have been split or renamed. 

Search terms explained

Coefficient of Conservatism

  *  non-native
  0 no value (weedy common plant)
10 highest value (unique representing high quality environment)

Wetland Indicator Status

 5 UPL upland plant - 99% in upland
 4 FACU-
 3 FACU Facultative upland plant - 1-33% in wetlands
 2 FACU+
 1 FAC-
 0 FAC Facultative plant - 34-66% in wetlands
-1 FAC+
-2 FACW-
-3 FACW facultative wetland plant 67-99% in wetland
-4 FACW+
-5 OBL obligate wetland plant 99% in wetland


Nt Native
Ad Adventive

A Annual
B Biannual
P Perennial
W Woody

Fern Al – Fern Ally


State Status

  X  Extirpated
  E  Endangered
  T  Threatened
SC Special Concern

Page last modified May 26, 2023