Nominations for Faculty Awards

Effective March 2010

There is a wide variety of college, university, and national awards for faculty, and it benefits the department for us to regularly nominate our faculty for these awards, as appropriate.  Winning an award, or just being nominated, brings recognition to all of us and promotes the collective excellence of the department.

The following outlines a process that we will use for nominations from this point forward:

  • Each year between spring break and the end of winter semester, the Advisory Committee will meet to decide on a list of nominees for awards. This will occur at a natural time: after the review of activity reports for merit evaluations.
  • Prior to its meeting to decide nominees, the Advisory Committee will ask for recommendations for nominations (with rationale) from department members.
  • After considering recommendations from the department, the Advisory Committee will decide which nominations to pursue for the current year. Nominations will be submitted at the next available respective deadline, which for many awards is the end of September.
  • For each nomination, the Advisory Committee will assemble the nomination packet or delegate this task to a willing, knowledgeable party.
  • Once completed, nomination packets will be publicly available for interested department members.

Any individual faculty member may also take the initiative to put together the paperwork and nominate a colleague for an award. The work of the Advisory Committee is not intended to prohibit such nominations. However, we do respectfully request that such nominations be made known to us so that we are aware of all nominations going forward from the department and can coordinate efforts if it is desirable and appropriate to do so.

Award descriptions can be found at the following links:

Click here for a list of recent award recipients from the Mathematics Department.

Page last modified March 22, 2016