Human Subjects Research Policy

Created October 2009 by the Mathematics Department Advisory Committee


From time to time, certain faculty members of the Department of Mathematics with studies or surveys that result in interacting with human subjects. To comply with all university and governmental regulations, this document will set forth the policy and procedures for department faculty in regards to human subject research.


Any member of the department could be involved in conducting human subject research.  Department faculty will not advise student-led human subject research, but may lead projects with assistance from students.


The design of the study must meet all university guidelines. Because of the variety of scholarship conducted in the department, it would be infeasible to instantiate a qualified peer review group.  We encourage faculty to be responsible by seeking the counsel of colleagues on this matter.  The research proposal must be approved by the Unit Head and HRRC.

Data Security and Storage

Individual researchers are responsible for data security and to maintain records for appropriate time frames depending on funding organizations regulations (i.e. federal government).


All research will comply with GVSU established polices and procedures for research conduct.  Staff will be reminded regularly of the requirement to promptly report to the Unit Head all direct knowledge of research non-compliance within the university. The Unit Head will forward the report to the dean and chair of the HRRC as appropriate. Faculty will be reminded regularly of the requirement to submit proposed covered research activities to the Unit Head and the HRRC for approval prior to implementation of the research.

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