Course Evaluation Materials Policy for New and Departing Faculty

Effective January 2011 (approved by tenure-track faculty)

For new adjunct and affiliate faculty: In the first two semesters of employment in the department, these faculty will submit a copy of all quizzes, tests, and exams, along with answer keys, to the main office. These materials will be evaluated by the Unit Head, course coordinators, and/or other faculty for consistency with course goals and the department mission, vision, and values. This evaluation may lead to either formative or summative feedback to the new faculty member.

(Note: for tenure-track and visiting faculty, discussions of these matters will occur through our mentoring process.)

For faculty who will not be teaching in the department the following semester (not including sabbaticals): You will need to leave with the main office your graded final exams (with answer key) and your grade book (printed or electronic), in case any grade complaints need to be adjudicated.

For all faculty: When teaching a course for the first time, especially when first joining the department, faculty members are strongly encouraged to ask course coordinators and/or other faculty if they will share exams, projects, and other course materials in order to better understand the course goals, difficulty level, and scope. At the same time, faculty members are expected to adapt materials that they borrow to fit their approach to teaching.

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