Champion Workgroup - Clinical Setting

Long-Term Goal

Develop model units for teaching interprofessional collaboration (IPC) and institutionalize interprofessional education (IPE) and interprofessional practice (IPP) across partner clinical environments.

Short-Term Goal

Continue to identify clinical settings to develop interprofessional staff and faculty teams.

Past Projects

“Structuring Interprofessional Collaborative Teams in a Rehabilitation Practice Environment”. Educating IPCP staff and student teams in a rehabilitation setting, Breton Rehabilitation of Holland Home.

“Improving Outcomes in Adults with Diabetes through an Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and Education Program”. Implemented an IPCP intervention including IPE for student and staff teams at Cherry Street Health Services, a federally qualified health center.

“Testing an Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Model to Improve Obesity-related Health Outcomes with a Statewide Consortium”. Placing student IPCP teams at two nurse-led health centers, GVSU Family Health Center and Wayne State Campus Health Center.

“Midwest Traumatic Rehabilitation Center Study”. A partnership with Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Traumatic Brain Injury Outpatient Services included educating staff on military-relevant TBI therapy.

“The Impact of an Emerging Role on the Interprofessional Team: Medical Scribes in the Emergency Department”. Educating and placing students from multiple universities/colleges as medical scribes in regional emergency departments to evaluate team efficiencies. 

Workgroup Co-Leaders

  • Jeff Trytko - Scribe Academy, Grand Valley State University

GVSU Clinical Placement Contact

  • Tina Barnikow - Health Compliance, Grand Valley State University
Cherry Health Services
Scribe Academy

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