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Librarians can help you

Librarians can help you

I frequently have students seek me out for further, one-on-one, help after I have taught a class. -Bob Schoofs So... more


The University Libraries Instructional Services reach beyond traditional classroom interventions and are designed to actively integrate information literacy into curricula across disciplines and to extend learning beyond the classroom through a variety of directed and undirected learning opportunities.

Services and Resources

Liaison Librarians

Liaison librarians are faculty in the University Libraries unit and experts in the discipline of library and information sciences. As such, they lead information literacy education efforts across campus and provide key consultation services to their faculty and staff colleagues.  Each college, school, and department within the university is assigned a liaison librarian who functions as your point of contact to the library and its services.

Information Literacy

Information literacy is the process of identifying, accessing, evaluating, and using multiple forms of information.  We have created the Information Literacy Core Competencies to describe the breadth of skills students should have at different point of the college career. This collection of competencies is one tool to help support the integration of information literacy into learning opportunities.

Instruction Menu: Information Literacy in the Classroom 

Browse our instruction menu to schedule a liaison librarian to come to your class to teach information literacy skills and concepts. To compliment the theoretical framework outlined in the Information Literacy Core Competencies, we have created this menu to showcase frequently taught concepts.

Writing 150 Library Instruction Program

We have a team of librarians who provide support to WRT150 faculty and students.

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