Next time you're in the Mary Idema Pew Library, wander into the Exhibition Space, which is located on the lowest level of the library. 

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Open [Everything]


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GVSU Undocumented Students' Cartoneras Collection


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Anchor Up at Home: Virtual Welcome Exhibit


University Libraries

Open [Everything]

The idea of Open information – free to access, with permission to reuse and share – is transforming research and education, at Grand Valley State University and around the world. 

The Libraries’ new Open [Everything] exhibit explores ways in which Open Educational Resources, Open Access, and Open Research Practices are lowering barriers to learning, improving equity, and driving innovation. Visitors are invited to consider how they might respond to real scenarios facing researchers and educators, and will learn how they can take action to support Open knowledge. Additionally, the exhibit highlights some of the many ways Grand Valley supports faculty in Open activities, from publishing free online textbooks to sharing their own research without paywalls. Come discover how GVSU’s Open [Everything] allows us to share more knowledge with more people, and with fewer barriers, than ever before!

Open Everything - Removing Barriers and Inspiring New Ideas

GVSU Undocumented Students' Cartoneras Collection

Cartoneras are handmade books made with cardboard covers that originated in Argentina as both a social and political movement. 

The GVSU Undocumented Students’ Cartoneras Collection seeks to capture the voices of undocumented students on campus and relate their experiences studying at Grand Valley State University. In the spirit of highlighting voices that may otherwise be unheard, undocumented students on campus created cartoneras that speak about their experiences not only as students, but as individuals. This project launched in Winter 2022 and continues to collect cartoneras to expand the collection on a yearly basis. This collection would not be possible without the support of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Undocumented DACA Peer Support Group.

The collection is on display on the second floor of the Mary Idema Pew Library, in Allendale.

Anchor Up at Home

Tricolor wave pattern in shades of blue

University Libraries has created this virtual engagement space with you in mind. Years ago, we welcomed you to campus with Home{MADE}, an exhibit that allowed our campus community to explore the senses of “home” while transitioning into their campus lives. For many of us though, GVSU is a second home. With more students than ever before continuing their studies off-campus, we at the library wanted to create a virtual space for our Laker family to share or discover what a home at GVSU looks and feels like to them, no matter where they're living. 

We hope you enjoy using the activities provided as you ease into college life, and whether you’re studying from one of our libraries, your living center room, or remotely from another town, we hope you all feel at home as a Laker! 

YouTube Inspiration:

New to GVSU housing or in need of move-in inspiration or tips? Check out the YouTube playlist we’ve linked below, it has been curated to share a variety of GVSU housing tours and living center set-up tips and DIY inspiration.

GVSU Housing & Campus Inspired Coloring Pages

Use the coloring pages linked below to design your dream living center/study space or just to color your favorite part of campus during a study break.

Additional Resources:

Visit the links to some GVSU resources that may come in handy during your transition to college and the overarching transition we’re all making toward this new campus normal.

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Online Exhibits

Explore online exhibits created by Special Collections and University Archives. Exhibits highlighting some of our favorite collections go up monthly throughout the academic year. 

Fish of Japan

Grand Rapids Black History

National Poetry Festival

Select Past Exhibits

Celebrate People's History

The Celebrate People’s History posters are rooted in the do-it-yourself tradition of mass-produced and distributed political propaganda, but are intended to embody principles of democracy, inclusion, and group participation in the writing and interpretation of history.

From Winter 2021 through Winter 2022, the Library's exhibition space was dedicated to Celebrate People's History stories, and fostering a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. The exhibit featured stories of human and civil rights struggles, and was connected over the course of the year to campus-wide programming that addressed information literacy, civic literacy, news literacy, open access, and liberal arts education.

The full collection can be accessed online via the GVSU Art Gallery Online Collection

Video Killed the Radio Star: A Vanderberg Project

Thirty-five years in the making, the Vanderberg Project was initiated by Grand Valley State University’s Operations Manager, Scott Vanderberg, as he collected pieces of the university’s equipment as they became outdated.

Recognizing that much of this technology has become hard to find, Vanderberg seeks to share his vast collection with the public and showcase the scientific advancements that made them possible. This first installment of the project’s technological showcases featured various pieces of media equipment from the '80s— many still functional!

The exhibit was on display at Mary Idema Pew Library from March 2020  through November 2020.

Multi-colored geometric shapes with the words "Video Killed the Radio Star"

Boldly Driven: A Tradition of Innovation

In honor of President Mantella’s inauguration, this exhibition took a look back at Grand Valley’s history of innovation, from its establishment in the 1950s to the present day.

 The exhibit ran from Nov. 11 to Nov. 21, 2019 in the Mary Idema Pew Library Exhibition Space.

Boldly Driven Web ad

Trivial Pursuit: Archives Edition

Have you ever walked by Seidman House and wondered what’s inside? Learn more about what goes on inside Seidman House at GVSU’s Special Collections and University Archives through this trivia-based exhibit.  

When? May 15 - August 15, 2019
Where? Mary Idema Pew Library Exhibition Space
Questions? Contact Leigh Rupinski, Archivist for Public Services and Community Engagement

Trivial Pursuit: Archives Edition

Walking Beyond Our Ancestors' Footsteps

Grand Valley and local organizations are working on an oral history project that aims to create the first archival collection focused on the urban Native experience in West Michigan. Walking Beyond Our Ancestors' Footsteps: An Urban Native American Experience explored how Native Americans built community in Grand Rapids in the last half of the 20th century. It was sponsored by the Kutsche Office of Local History, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Native American Advisory Board, Special Collections and Archives, Grand Rapids Public Library and Grand Rapids Public Museum. 

Urban Native Experience exhibit

Letters for Lakers

This exhibit let students take a letter from one of the many envelopes on display. The letters contained encouraging messages, reflections and memories related to the college experience from Grand Valley faculty, staff, students and alumni. Students were also able to write inspirational messages on Post-it notes for others, send a personal postcard to a friend or family member, or write their own letters to their future selves. The exhibit ran August-September 2015. 

Letters for Lakers

Cut, Ground, Formed, and Fabricated

The exhibit was the result of a collaboration between the Intro to Jewelry and Metalsmithing class and the Geology Club. This exhibit showcased a unique, multidisciplinary collaboration where the students involved were able gain a better understanding and appreciation for the materials, techniques and ideas used in the fields of geology and metalsmithing.

Jewelry exhibit

Open Everything

The Open Everything exhibit was created to introduce the concept of information as a commodity and to begin a conversation about access to information. The exhibit encourages students to explore Open Access, Open Data, Open Education Resources, and Open Source Software. It is an interactive exhibit developed with the intent of making you want to learn more about the ways information is created and distributed. The physical exhibit was on view September 2014.

Open Everything exhibit

Interested in hosting an exhibit?

The Mary Idema Pew Library's Exhibition Space was created very intentionally to provide students with opportunities to interact with rich and diverse content across disciplines. GVSU-sponsored exhibits that challenge us to grow intellectually, culturally, and creatively are welcome in the space. Contact the library if you are interested in hosting an exhibit.

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