Laker Pride

There's no way to be a Laker for a Lifetime without having some Laker pride!  This pride can be any number of things from excitement at a sporting event to just telling those outside of the Grand Valley community about this amazing place.  You don't have to be a certain type of person to have Laker pride - we all have it - now show it!

  • Tell your Grand Valley story

    • You are the best ambassador Grand Valley State University has, so tell people not affiliated with the University about your experience and how great it is to be a Laker

Laker Pride

  • Wear some Laker gear so others can see your pride wherever you go

    • Don't give anyone the chance to think you belong on any other campus than Grand Valley!

Share your Laker Effect

Share the effect Grand Valley has had on you and the impact you, in turn, have made through research, service, creating something, solving a problem, volunteering, advocating, etc. Use the hashtag #GVLakerEffect on social media to share your pictures and videos with the rest of the Laker community. Or, you can share your story.


We want a Grand Valley victory, as Lakers we have pride.

Our team will lead us on, Blue and White we're at your side!

We want a Grand Valley victory, as our foes will quickly see.

Raise! Your! Voices and cheer for a



Show your spirit by knowing the words to the Grand Valley Fight Song

Fight Song

Learn the Grand Valley alma mater so you are ready to sing it at University events

Alma mater


Hail to thee Grand Valley - We're loyal, steadfast, true.

Praise our Alma Mater - We pledge our faith to you.

Keep your banners flying, black, and white and blue.

We sing to thee Grand Valley, united we're for you!

Page last modified April 23, 2018