Get Involved

Getting involved on campus is a great way to really feel like a Laker for a Lifetime!  It will make you more invested in what's happening at Grand Valley and put you in the driver's seat for your own campus experience.  Tailor what you choose to get involved with to your own needs, take a chance, make a commitment, and the sky is the limit!

  • The Become More Guide is your source for all things Grand Valley

    • It is a great place to start on your journey as a Laker for a Lifetime!

  • Connect with the Future Alumni Association (or FAA)

    • This student organization is dedicated to providing networking opportunities for you with alumni and other students at Grand Valley

  • Use the Office of Student Life and its staff as your resources

    • This office is full of professionals who want to help you connect with your passions outside of the classroom - sport clubs, religious/spiritual groups, special interest organizations - there is no shortage of opportunities

      • Hint: You can even do some homework ahead of time on an organization to get involved with by using OrgSync

  • Connect with Student Senate and help shape Grand Valley now and in the future

Get Involved

Get Involved

  • Learn more about (or even visit) the Student Employment Office

    • There are a number of valuable suggestions and guidelines, as well as a link to LakerJobs, to get you started in an employment search

  • Read and re-read Four Year Blueprint for Student Success over the course of your time at Grand Valley

    • It might seem like a daunting document with various colors, dots, and activities - but it was designed by experts to provide a map for you to maximize your time at Grand Valley

Page last modified September 17, 2018