There is a spirit at Grand Valley that bonds students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  You will discover it in our campus traditions.  You will find it in our classrooms and corridors.  You will carry it with you as you go through life. It is this bond, this spirit, which makes you a Laker for a Lifetime.  As a current student, it's your turn to contribute to our campus with your talents and your passions, to be fully engaged in your communities, and to care for those around you, your Laker family. Then when it is time for you to graduate and give back, you will be prepared to carry the torch for the students who will follow you. You will lead by example, so that they can look to you and say...that's what it means to be a Laker.

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Laker for a Lifetime is about more than just having Laker Pride.  It is also about Staying InformedGetting Involved, and perhaps - most importantly - Giving Back of your time, talent, and treasure to GVSU - now and in the future.  If everyone can give a little to Grand Valley each year, the university will end up with a lot!


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