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GVSU Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association

Grand Valley State University

An Affinity Group of the GVSU Division of Inclusion and Equity.

The purpose of this Association shall be to build and create a sense of community among Latino/a faculty and staff. Advocate for, and support the recruitment, retention and advancement of GVSU Latino/a Faculty and Staff as well as advocate for, and Support the Recruitment, Retention and Graduation of Latino/a Students.

The Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association is responsible for leading the following three events: 

  • The Latino/a Graduation Celebration in April
  • The Faculty and Staff Summer Picnic or Retreat in July
  • La Gran Posada Community Gathering in December 

Faculty and staff also meet for lunch or dinner to discuss the events listed above. Other meetings and events may be added as needed. 



2017 Laker Familia Orientation


2017 Laker Familia Orientation

Laker Familia orientation program is now open for registration. New Students and Volunteers are encouraged to submit their registration.

Latino/a students celebrate graduation, Laker Familia

Nearly 30 Latino graduates celebrated their achievements at the Latino/a Graduation Ceremony

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