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At K-12 Connect, we leverage shared resources and expertise to cultivate initiatives that enhance student academic, well-being, and life outcomes.

With the K-12 learning loss crisis heightened by the pandemic, President Biden and his administration have called for action for colleges, universities, and school districts to work together to increase the number of college students supporting school-aged students in K-12 schools and out-of-school programs using Federal Work Study (FWS). 

Key takeaways from the release:

  • President Biden has called for an additional 250,000 Americans to serve as tutors and mentors and in other high-impact roles supporting preschool, elementary, and secondary students.
  • The administration has urged states, school districts, and colleges and universities to partner together to support students.
  • Colleges and universities are to set a goal within the next 2 years to use at least 15 percent of their FWS funds to compensate college students employed in community-based service learning activities.
  • College and university leaders have been asked to commit to share data with the NPSS on the number of college students serving in these roles, including those receiving support through FWS or other programs.

Learn More About the Call to Action

Benefits of an Institutional Partnership with K-12 Connect

Benefits to Your Students

Partnering with K-12 Connect to employ your students in community-based tutoring positions provides numerous benefits to students, such as:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Community-based service learning experience working with K-12 students
  • Hard and soft skill development (i.e. relationship building)
  • Network of peers and professional connections
  • Professional development
  • Enhanced virtual competencies
  • Individualized coaching and observation from certified educators
Flexible Scheduling
High Wages

Student pay starts at $15/hr

Community Engagement
Career Readiness/Training

Please note that K-12 Connect will continue to pay tutors even after their FWS money has been used for the year.

Benefits to Your Institution

Institutions who partner with K-12 Connect are able to:

  • Retain student employees (report on federal docs) without supervision and management
  • Offer more intentional, community-based work study opportunities to students
  • Meet increased Federal Work Study Requirements (15%)
  • Increase visibility and potential undergrad pipeline
  • Remove the burdens of programming by shifting management to the K-12 Connect team 
  • Connect at a deeper level with local K-12 schools and community organizations.
Strengthened Educational Pipeline
Increased Number of Student Workers and FWS Community Service Members
Higher Wages for Student Positions

Pay starts at $15/hr

Enhanced Community Service and Partnership Opportunities for Degrees

In What Ways Can Your Institution Partner with K-12 Connect?

Option 1: Federal Work Study (FWS) Partnership

To solve the nationwide K-12 learning loss crisis and answer the president's call to action, we can collaborate with your institution to increase the use of FWS in community-based service roles from 7%-15%. We provide high-paying career readiness employment opportunities to FWS students and engage them in community-based tutoring positions.

Option 2: Tutoring Program Mentorship

To solve the nationwide K-12 learning loss crisis and answer the president's call to action, we can collaborate with your institution to facilitate the development of your own K-12 tutoring program. We also provide mentorship to higher education partners who are looking to elevate their current K-12 tutoring program.

Option 3: Tutoring Program Management

If your institution is looking to remove the burdens on administration to run your existing tutoring program, we can collaborate with your institution to manage your current program. We will work with your staff to hire, train, and schedule your students in tutoring roles.

Option 4: Other

If there are other ways your institution would like to partner with K-12 Connect to answer the call to action and/or provide meaningful community-based service learning experiences for students, let's start a conversation today.

Answer the Call to Action

Join the National Partnership for Student Success

The National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS) is a community answering the U.S. Department of Education’s call for institutions of higher education to use more of their Federal Work-Study and/or other funds to support tutoring, mentoring, post-secondary transition coaching, student success coaching, and/or wraparound/integrated student support coordination in P-12 schools or out-of-school time programs. 

Join the NPSS and Set a Public Goal for Your Institution

Want to start a conversation about partnering your higher education institution with K-12 Connect?


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Page last modified September 6, 2023