GVSU High Performance Computing

Grand Valley State University has a high performance computing resource available for use by campus researchers. With our commitment to fostering academic excellence, our high-performance computing cluster stands as a cornerstone for innovation and knowledge advancement. Embrace the limitless possibilities of research with our exceptional computing support and unlock the true potential of your academic pursuits.

Computing Power

The current HPC Cluster, known as "Clipper", is comprised of 15 total nodes:

  • 4 Large Memory (1.5TB RAM each)
  • 7 Compute nodes (190GB RAM total)
  • 4 GPU's (190GB RAM total) 

The active storage for the environment is approximately 35TB with 147TB of Archival storage.

Clipper has a theoretical peak CPU of 33.6 teraflops and theoretical GPU peak of 62.4 teraflops. 

Contact HPC

If you have questions about the high performance computing or to request access and onboarding to the HPC you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected]


Page last modified October 27, 2023