The LMC to GV Experience

The Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus in Holland and Lake Michigan College at South Haven want to make it easy for you to earn your Bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University! Whether you’re interested in taking classes in Holland, Grand Rapids, or Allendale, the LMC to GV Transfer Partnership Program at the GVSU Meijer Campus in Holland assists you with a seamless transition and prepares you for academic success!

Student Requirements

In order to participate in  the LMC  to GV Transfer Partnership Program, LMC students

  • must be and remain in good standing at Lake Michigan College
  • must meet with their assigned LMC to GV Transfer Partnership Program advisor once each semester.
  • must complete the GVSU application for admission in accordance to GVSU application deadlines in order to be considered for admission to Grand Valley State University.

GVSU's Commitment

Grand Valley State University is committed to transfer student success and will provide LMC to GV Transfer Partnership Participants with the following:

  • a GVSU academic advisor.
  • regular advising hours at the Lake Michigan College at South Haven campus.
  • access to career counseling and career planning information, programs, and workshops.
  • concurrent enrollment that allows students to take classes at LMC and at GVSU while still qualifying for financial aid.
  • opportunities to learn more about Grand Valley State University and college success through special mailings, programs, and workshops.

Transfer Resources

LMC and GVSU have a variety of resources to assist you as you plan your college career.

LMC has many transfer related resources on their Transfer Information webpage – including information on the MACRAO agreement which streamlines the transfer of general education requirements.

In addition, Grand Valley State University has resources that you may find helpful including:

  • the LMC Curriculum Guide (select your intended GVSU major to determine the best classes to take at LMC in order to transfer to GVSU and complete your major in a timely fashion).
  • the LMC Transfer Equivalency guide (simply select "Lake Michigan College" to see which individual LMC courses transfers into GVSU).


Financial Aid

Grand Valley State University is a great place for transfer students to invest in their futures and Grand Valley's Financial Aid Office can help you maximize your investment by working with you to determine your unique needs and how to most effectively meet them.

Financial aid includes funds in the form of grants, scholarships, work study or loans that are made available to students and their families. These funds are designed to assist students and their families with college costs.

To learn more about your financial aid possibilities, visit Grand Valley's Transfer Student Financial Aid website.


Grand Valley State University provides resources for students to search for both Grand Valley and local/regional/national scholarships. Scholarships are a form of financial assistance that does not require repayment or employment and is usually made to students who demonstrate or show potential for distinction, usually in academic performance.

  • GV Scholarship Database: To search for Grand Valley scholarships and criteria please visit the Grand Valley Scholarship Database. This site allows you to define the terms of your scholarship search. To look for transfer-specific scholarships, click on 'Grand Level For Upcoming Year' and select 'Transfer.'
  • National Scholarship Databases: There are many great online resources available to search for scholarships. Please click here for a listing of websites with free search resources you may want to consider reviewing.

Concurrent Enrollment

Grand Valley State University and Lake Michigan College have a concurrent enrollment agreement, designed to assist students seamlessly transferring to GVSU.  A Concurrent Enrollment Agreement allows a student to attend two schools at the same time, with credits from both institutions being included in determining financial aid eligibility. Only one school processes the aid, and cannot be paid aid by both schools. Students are responsible for tuition at both institutions and must adhere to whatever payment deadlines/requirements they have.

Students who are working on a degree at Grand Valley State University, and are also taking LMC classes that will work toward that degree, may be eligible for Concurrent Enrollment.  In this case GVSU will process and pay the student’s aid.

If you are interested in concurrent enrollment, it advised that you meet with your LMC to GV transfer program partnership advisor prior to completing the appropriate form.

Page last modified August 11, 2014