Rural Health Awards

Starting in 2021, Grand Valley State University has celebrated rural health by acknowledging the accomplishments of outstanding organizations and practitioners serving northern Michigan communities. We strive to make efficient, effective, and lifelong partnerships and collaborations that work to close the gap in health disparities between urban and rural areas.

The awards are presented at the spring Health Forum of Northern Michigan event and are done so in partnership with the Grand Valley State University Traverse City Regional Center.

Note: To be eligible for the awards, the healthcare organization and/or practitioner must practice in northern lower Michigan or the upper peninsula of Michigan.


Nominations are now open for 2022

Nominate a healthcare organization and/or practitioner who practices in northern lower Michigan or the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Nomination Deadline:  March 11, 2022

Presentation of Awards:  Rural Health awards will be presented April 5, 2022 at the spring Northern Michigan Health Forum hosted by Grand Valley State University in Traverse City, MI.

2021 Rural Health Award Recipients

2021 Rural Health Care Organization Award: War Memorial Hospital

David Jahn, president and CEO of War Memorial Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie, accepted the 2021 Rural Healthcare Organization Award. Jean Nagelkerk, GVSU vice provost for health, said the hospital is dedicated to serving northern Michigan by providing comprehensive, quality care to individuals, families, and communities.

2021 Rural Health Practitioner of the Year Award: Dr. Marlyn Conlon

Dr. Marilyn Conlon, from Wellspring Psychiatry in Traverse City, will receive the 2021 Rural Health Practitioner of the Year Award. Conlon is an expert in behavioral health, serving as a guide and resource for many individuals in northern Michigan.

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