Retirement Planning

TIAA - 800.842.2776 Plan Number 101021 (403b) 101022 (457b)

Through the TIAA website, you can access product and account information, current performance reports, change your address, conduct transactions, and read and order current prospectuses. If you need help figuring out your TIAA account, you can meet with our University TIAA representative.  To schedule an upcoming appointment, call 1.866.842.2825. To view upcoming dates when the representative will be on campus, please view our Events Page. You can also meet with a TIAA representative at their Grand Rapids office in Bridgewater Place. To sign up for an appointment, visit the TIAA website.

If you are thinking of retiring soon and are looking for more information about what Grand Valley offers, visit our Retiree Benefits page. 

TIAA Retirement Program Update Information

Program Update Informational Seminar Schedule

Program Update Transition Guide

Program Update FAQ and Comparison Chart

Transition Seminar Presentation


Fidelity Homepage - 800.343.3548 - Plan Number 50094 (403b) 72992 (457b)

Through the Fidelity web site you can access fund information, IRA evaluators, daily fund prices, and online trading.  If you need more information about your Fidelity account, feel free to consult our University Fidelity Representative.  Please view the upcoming dates on our Events Page





The Internal Revenue Service has announced that there will be an increase to supplemental retirement account contribution limits for 2018. The catch-up contribution will remain at $6,000. The 2018 Grand Valley State University 403(b) and 457(b) supplemental contribution limits are:
                                                                                               403(b)          457(b)

Contribution Limit                                                              $18,500      $18,500

Catch-up Contribution (age 50 and older)                         $6,000        $6,000

Roth post-tax Option
A Roth post-tax supplemental contribution option is available for the GVSU 403(b) and 457(b) Retirement Plans. For more information go to
If you are interested in changing your current contribution amount, please complete the "Update Retirement Contribution" form located on our Anytime Events Site.

Plan Documents for Hourly Staff

PSS Employees Retirement Plan A (PSS hired prior to 02/02/2006, POLC hired before 03/04/2007) 

PSS Employees Retirement Plan B (PSS hired after 02/02/2006, POLC hired after 03/04/2007)

MGS Employees Retirement Plan A (MGS hired prior to 10/09/2004) 

MGS Employees Retirement Plan B (MGS hired after 10/09/2004)
2014 MGS Employees Retirement Plan B Addendum

PSS, MGS & POAM 403(b) Supplemental Plan

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