The 2024 cohort of fellows of the Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy pose for a photo.

Fellows honored at Cook Leadership Academy celebration

A member of the 2024 cohort of the Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy celebrates with the other fellows.

The Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy celebrated its Winter 2024 cohort of fellows at the academy’s graduation on April 25 at the DeVos Center on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus.

“These students committed over 60 hours of their time to intentional self-reflection, mentorship and learning from both their peers and community leaders,” said Abby Sachs, program manager of the academy.

“Our fellows have committed to building themselves to be more ethical, effective leaders, which helps follow the vision of our founders, Ralph Hauenstein and Peter Cook when they founded the academy.”

Jordan O’Neil, a 2012 graduate of the academy, spoke to the fellows, their family members and other guests, emphasizing the importance of finding their own path, whether it be personally or professionally.

“The paramount lesson that I've learned is to make your choices for yourself, free from the constraints of others' expectations,” O’Neal said. 

“This journey of mine, unconventional and rife with both challenges and triumphs underscores a fundamental truth: The importance of forging your own path driven by a commitment to your values and a vision that is uniquely yours.”

The Cook Leadership Academy’s Winter 2024 fellows include: Jenna Adema, Locke Afton, Larbi Al Moutaa, Yasmin Alemayehu, Esi Aniwa, Aseel Ayesh, Natalie Bauman, Katie Colesa, Julia Connelly, Musa Dove, Haley Duimstra, Hannah Scout Dunaway, Mallory Everly, Morgan Hanks, Elinor Harrison, Katie Hogan, MJ Hosep, Hannah Hosfelt, Colton Hyble, Katie Karmanos, Iris Kokalari, Angie Leady, Gen Marry, Jon McCabe, Kara McKinley, Logyn Miller, Nick Mulder, Lauren Murray, Pranav Nalam, Charity Ndumia, Viola Pagnani, JP Palacios, Henry Peña, Ashley Perryman, Adam Prielipp, Quinten Proctor, Miranda Rudnick, Breezy Rusher, Camryn Sterken, Brooks Twist, Christie Unakalamba, Lily Weber and Ben Zaremba. 

The Fall 2023 fellows included: Kian Barnes, C.C. Castillo, Samuel Jacobs and Mackenzie Johnson.


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