Agreement between GVSU, LSSU fills need for public health in northern Michigan

A partnership between Grand Valley State and Lake Superior State universities helps fill a need for public health education in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

Leaders from the two institutions signed an articulation agreement, which guarantees admission into GVSU's Master of Public Health program for up to five qualified LSSU students who earned bachelor's degrees in kinesiology. 

Ranelle Brew, professor and program director for GVSU's Master of Public Health, said this agreement is similar to one established with Northern Michigan University in 2019.

"This partnership between GVSU and Lake Superior State really aims to fill a need and an interest in public health for our partners from northern Michigan regions,” Brew said. “We have had some incredible students join our program from northern Michigan who are interested in filling the gap and need for more public health trained individuals."

Ranelle Brew stands on the left while students are seated at desks
Ranelle Brew, professor and program director for GVSU's Master of Public Health, is pictured in this 2018 photo. An articulation agreement expands the university's public health presence in the Upper Peninsula.
Image credit - Mitch Ranger

Joseph Susi, chair of LSSU's School of Kinesiology and Behavioral Sciences, said the agreement provides a natural pathway for students who want to further their education.

“This arrangement will streamline the process for LSSU kinesiology students to secure graduate education in public health,” Susi said. “The job opportunities are many and varied, including health education, health and wellness coaching and worksite wellness.”

GVSU's Master of Public Health program offers hybrid and in-person options. 


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