GVSU named to 'Best Colleges in America' list by Money

The carillon on the Allendale Campus is shown, with the branches of a blossoming tree in the foreground. The flowers are pink.
Image credit - Kendra Stanley-Mills

Grand Valley has been included in the 2022 list of "Best Colleges in America" by Money.

GVSU joins a list of 623 ranked public and private institutions. Its ranking is in the top tier of the nine Michigan public universities that were included on the list.

Money said that it was searching for schools that combine quality and affordability while admitting at least 20 percent of applicants.

To be included in the rankings, schools needed to have at least 500 undergraduate students, have sufficient data to be reviewed and not be in financial distress. In addition, a school needed to have a graduation rate that is at or above the median in its institutional category, or have a high "value-added" graduation rate, according to Money.

Schools were ranked through dozens of data points based on the quality of education, affordability and outcomes, with a number of measures based on U.S. Department of Education data.


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