Virus Action Team Update: Holiday safety tips

Student walking on the Allendale Campus.
Image credit - Valerie Hendrickson

There has been a significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in our surrounding communities and across the state. In the Grand Valley community, we have also seen an increase, although our overall numbers are lower than a year ago at this time. This is due to our 86 percent vaccination rate. Continued attention to vaccinations, face coverings and testing is critically important to bring this latest surge to a halt.

COVID Testing

You may want to consider testing before heading home for the holiday break, and also before returning to Grand Valley after the break. The university offers free, on-campus testing.

COVID Vaccination Policy

The university continues the process of dropping the Winter 2022 classes of students who are not in compliance with the vaccine policy, after completing communication protocol with these students. Appointing officers/supervisors and Human Resources staff are meeting with faculty and staff members who are not in compliance to determine their plans to achieve compliance before returning for the start of the Winter 2022 semester.

Holiday Safety Tips

The Ottawa County Department of Public Health is offering holiday safety tips.


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