A person wearing a lab coat reaches for a beaker

GVSU in photos, July 2021: Relishing summer, diving into research and a special Laker's first day on the job

A wide view shows a field of yellow sunflowers with a warm glowing sky in the background
Alumni of the Seidman College of Business and brothers, Ross and Jordan Bremer, planted a "U-pick" sunflower field during the COVID-19 pandemic to lighten locals' spirits.
Valerie Hendrickson
A person reaches their hand out in front of their face showing purple chalk dust covering the surface of their hand
Oliver Wilson Scholars Summer Student Success Program participants do team building exercises on the Grand Valley State University Allendale Campus July 10. Participants were able to make their own GVSU tie-dye shirts outside of the HHLLC.
Kendra Stanley-Mills
A person looks toward a microscope as a green glow reflects in their glasses
Student Pranav Nalam and Martin Burg, professor of biomedical sciences, work together on their Summer Scholars project.
Image Credit: Amanda Pitts
 A person pushes another person in a wheelchair across a blue bridge surrounded by several others walking by.
Matt Bozzo, career navigator of the GVSU Battle Creek Outreach Center and participants of the sHaPe (Summer Health Activities and Professions Exploration) Camp cross the Blue Bridge on the GVSU Allendale Campus on June 18.
Amanda Pitts
A person lays in the grass with their hand on their head and holding a cell phone
Kalee Burns, a GVSU biology student, reads from her textbook on her phone for a summer music class she's taking. Burns was waiting July 28 in the grass near the Fieldhouse for her father to come help her with some car trouble.
Kendra Stanley-Mills
Two people stand along the side of a river with a blue bridge and city skyline in the background
Biology graduate student Benjamin Gunnett and researcher Matt Bain prepare for a day of collecting insect samples from the Grand River in Grand Rapids on July 27.
Valerie Hendrickson
A dog peeks it's head over the edge of a table in a meeting room surrounded by people in chairs.
Koda, GVSU's new K-9 explosives dog, stays close to her partner, Kelsey Sietsema, GVPD canine and community police officer, left, during a long meeting July 6 for her first official day on the job at the Grand Valley Police Department.
Image Credit: Kendra Stanley-Mills
 A person laughs while sprawled on the ground as several other people reach down to help them.
Oliver Wilson Scholars Summer Student Success Program participants do team building exercises on GVSU's Allendale Campus July 10. Students were instructed to work together to retrieve an object 6 feet away without anyone's feet stepping over a barrier.
Kendra Stanley-Mills
The backs of four people wearing backpacks look through a window toward a "GV" logo on the wall in the background.
Participants of the sHaPe (Summer Health Activities and Professions Exploration) Camp tour Grand Valley State University on July 18.
Amanda Pitts
  Top photo: Trees, a path and a building lead out to a clock tower seen in the distance. Bottom photo: A silhouette of a person looking at a tall bookshelf with streaks of light overlapping.
Summer Scholars student Ian Curtis is doing his research on the validity of plagiarism accusations regarding plates in the Encyclopédie (1751-72), which is housed in the Special Collections and University Archives in the Seidman Center.
Kendra Stanley-Mills
 Two children reach toward the top of a tall stack of Jenga blocks
Krista and Rohan Eapen, children of Abraham Eapen of the Grand Valley State University Career Center, play Jenga July 10 at the Oliver Wilson Scholars Summer Student Success Program tabling event.
Valerie Hendrickson
 Two people sit on a step while laughing together in front of a green lawn and clock tower.
Grand Valley State University students Morgyn Johnson and Hunter Stephens enjoy an evening on the steps near Zumberge Pond on July 28.
Image Credit: Valerie Hendrickson