Faculty member uses feedback to help her grow while improving the virtual learning experience for students

This is part of a GVNext series highlighting how faculty members are optimizing virtual learning

Judy Williams
Judy Williams, affiliate faculty member in the College of Education

Judy Williams recognizes that her graduate students in Grand Valley’s school counseling program have unique learning needs and time considerations.

Williams, an affiliate faculty member in the Educational Leadership and Counseling Department, said in this world of virtual learning, she is continually evaluating her instructional methods to meet those needs so she can prepare students for their roles as K-12 school counselors.

She has worked to include technology that she believes best allows virtual learning, but said she has also come to understand that students have different familiarity and comfort levels with technology.

"Everybody comes to a new platform with different levels of experience, anticipation, anxiety," Williams said.

Williams said this was one of her realizations after seeing student evaluations last semester that weren't what she had hoped. As someone who places a premium on building relationships and a team atmosphere with her students, Williams used the feedback as a way to improve those connections and enhance student experiences. 

She said she also saw the feedback as a welcome chance to grow professionally.

Williams and fellow faculty members have found numerous ways to optimize the learning experience and connection to students as they conduct classes virtually. GVNext will be showcasing their stories.

Watch Williams talk about her experiences in the video below.