Society of Women Engineers creates educational videos for students learning at home

Keara Anderson, a senior biomedical engineer and member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) discusses laminar flow.
Keara Anderson, a senior biomedical engineer and member of the Society of Women Engineers, demonstrates laminar flow in a YouTube video.
Image credit - Courtesy Photo

When COVID-19 interrupted conventional learning for students across the country, many groups and educators worked to create virtual resources for students to continue learning. 

Grand Valley's Society of Women Engineers was one of those groups, creating a variety of educational and instructional videos for the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing's YouTube channel that show how to do experiments at home, while exploring the concepts behind them. 

Some of the experiments include building a tower, making a paper bridge, and programming a video game. 

Genevieve Wisby, a Grand Valley engineering student, coordinated the creation of the videos within the group.

"One of the main goals of SWE is to educate and increase the interest in engineering in younger generations," Wisby said. "Our hope for this project was to inspire curiosity and begin to develop critical thinking skills in the viewers. This project was truly a group effort on behalf of all of the executive board members of SWE. We are all passionate about our majors and it is exciting to be able to share our interests with others."

To watch the videos, check out this playlist.


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