Referral program for prospective students uses 'word of mouth' advertising

woman in mask talking to a small group, hand is on a small dog
Talking about GVSU may be the best way to recruit a prospective student; the Admissions office has established a formal recruiting program for campus community members.
Image credit - Valerie Wojciechowski

It's no secret that word of mouth is the best advertising. Grand Valley's Admissions office has taken that concept a step further into a new referral program designed to introduce prospective students to the university.

"Be a Laker, Bring a Laker" gives current students, faculty and staff members and alumni the tools they need to recruit students to Grand Valley.

Jodi Chycinski, associate vice president and director of Admissions, said it's a formal referral program that involves all parties.

"The program allows faculty, staff, students and alumni to notify Admissions of their recruitment work. Doing that step will allow Admissions to share resources and support the efforts of the recruiter," Chycinski said.

Two information sessions on November 18-19 are scheduled for participants to learn more about the program and have an opportunity to win prizes. Each Zoom session will last about 30 minutes; view meeting information online.


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