Campus news site GVNext and events calendar get digital updates

The GVNext logo
Image credit - Institutional Marketing

Grand Valley's digital campus news site, GVNext, along with the campus events calendar have undergone a recent digital redesign that provides a more user-friendly experience to Grand Valley's audiences.

GVNext, run by University Communications, has been redesigned to allow stories to include more visual elements and more flexible story construction. Navigation on the site has been modified to allow easier sharing on social media and to make it easier for users to find related stories. 

The campus events calendar has also recently undergone a digital upgrade. Events can now be featured on the main events calendar page at, as well as on the university homepage. Events can also be sorted based on whether they are intended for students, faculty, staff, alumni, or community members. 

Event listings have also been updated to reflect an increased number of virtual events rather than in-person events. 

Event listings can be submitted at by clicking the "Add Event" at the top of the page.


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