GVSU students, faculty to compete in ArtPrize Nine

Photo of student Tabatha Gulino's brooches being entered in ArtPrize.
"The People's Choice" by Tabatha Gulino will be on display as a part of the "Unexpected Pleasures" ArtPrize entry.
Image credit - Tabatha Gulino
"Spores" by Anna Petlick will be on display as a part of the "Unexpected Pleasures" ArtPrize entry.
"Spores" by Anna Petlick will be on display as a part of the "Unexpected Pleasures" ArtPrize entry.
Image credit - Anna Petlick
"Restraint, Self" by Castina Bombardo will be on display as a part of the "Unexpected Pleasures" ArtPrize entry.
"Restraint, Self" by Castina Bombardo will be on display as a part of the "Unexpected Pleasures" ArtPrize entry.
Image credit - Castina Bombardo
Photo of Bard to Go cast
Bard to Go will perform as an ArtPrize entry on September 30 and October 1 at the Gerald R. Ford Museum.
Image credit - Valerie Wojo
"The Network" by Bill Hosterman
"The Network" by Bill Hosterman
Image credit - Bill Hosterman
"Escape" by Christopher Gillespie
"Escape" by Christopher Gillespie
Image credit - Christopher Gillespie
"Every Pen Has A Story" by Maria Landon
"Every Pen Has A Story" by Maria Landon
Image credit - Maria Landon

Three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids transform into an arts epicenter for 19 days each fall during ArtPrize, the world’s largest open, independently organized international art competition. 

During this year’s competition, taking place September 20-October 8, artists and art enthusiasts alike will join the conversation about art and why it matters, all while artists compete for more than $500,000 in prizes.

This year, some of those artists include Grand Valley students and faculty.

Seven jewelry and metalsmithing students will be displaying their work in the ArtPrize entry exhibition, “Unexpected Pleasures.” The showcase will be on display in Studio_Us, a design business owned and operated in Grand Rapids by Grand Valley alumni, Ross and Bree Tanner.

Tabatha Gulino, who graduated from Grand Valley in April, will be showcasing a collection of 14 brooches, entitled “The People’s Choice.” The brooches are made entirely of copper with a powder coat of white. The brooches also have an enameled piece of copper set within to give them a splash of color.

Gulino said she took a unique approach when designing the brooches by inviting others to participate in her artistic process.

“For my collection, I had a very general idea of where I wanted to go, but after I did some sketching, I felt they were kind of lackluster. I knew that the only way to get past that was to push myself as an artist and do something I’ve never done before,” she explained. “I posted on Twitter asking my friends to send me random one-to-three-word phrases and I received more than I thought I would.”

Gulino, from Imlay City, said the responses ranged from memories and phrases to movie quotes, and those responses were used to design and name the individual brooches.

Beverly Seely, professor of jewelry and metalsmithing, said participation in ArtPrize Nine will give students the opportunity to show their work to a large audience, while also engaging in conversation and education with the public.

“The culmination of making art is the public response,” she said. “This experience offers students the opportunity to enrich their ability to articulate and defend their ideas, designs and material choice. They will leave this experience with knowledge that will make their next works even more meaningful to both the maker and the viewer.”

A special preview reception for “Unexpected Pleasures” will take place September 16, from 5-7 p.m. at Studio_Us (343 Division Ave. South). To vote for “Unexpected Pleasures, use the voting code 65930.

ArtPrize visitors will experience a smattering of William Shakespeare’s repertoire during multiple 50-minute performances by Bard to Go. Grand Valley’s traveling Shakespeare troupe will perform its 2017 Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival production, “The Wonder of Will: This Is Your Afterlife!” from noon-5 p.m. on September 30 and October 1 at the Gerald R. Ford Museum as an ArtPrize Entry.

This year’s production asks what would happen if the Bard was brought back to life and taken on an adventure through his most famous plays. The production includes scenes from “Hamlet,” “Richard III,” “The Comedy of Errors,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Macbeth,” and “The Merchant of Venice.” To vote for Bard to Go, use the voting code 64702.

Below is a list of additional ArtPrize entries created by Grand Valley faculty and staff members:

“The Network” by Bill Hosterman, associate professor of drawing, printmaking and foundations; Department of Visual and Media Arts
Location: Dime & Regal (209 Division Ave. South, suite 105)
Vote code: 66009

“Every Pen Has A Story” by Maria Landon, affiliate faculty, Seidman College of Business
Location: Kilwins (146 Monroe Center St. NW)
Vote code: 65425

“Escape” by Chris Gillespie, SAP system administrator, Seidman College of Business
Location: Brothers Leather Supply Company (15 Division Ave. South)
Vote code: 66524



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