CLAS alumni to visit campus for presentations and events

Ebony Parker Featherstone, '02, pictured speaking at the 2016 CLAS Alumni-in-Residence luncheon.
Ebony Parker Featherstone, '02, pictured speaking at the 2016 CLAS Alumni-in-Residence luncheon.
Image Credit: Amanda Pitts

Alumni from 13 departments within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will visit the Allendale Campus to share their post-graduation experiences with the Grand Valley community.

“The Alumni-in-Residence program is a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain insights about how to prepare for life after Grand Valley from alumni who have successfully made the transition from college to career,” said Donovan Anderson, CLAS assistant dean for strategic planning, accreditation, assessment, and faculty and staff development. “Most importantly, these former students are able to talk compellingly and concretely about the ways that a liberal education has prepared them for their professional and community lives after graduation.”

Below is a full list of this year’s CLAS Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence and the departments they graduated from. All alumni will participate in various presentations, lectures, Q&A sessions and meet-and-greet opportunities October 26-27:

  • Timothy Zeeb, ’02, managing partner of Alpha Azalea LLC (international relations)
  • Aaron Parker, ’03, aquatic biologist (Annis Water Resources Institute)
  • Justin Sjogren, ’06, ’08, manager of Biostatistics (statistics)
  • Nathan Schout, ’11, physical education and health teacher at Bostrom Alternative High School (movement science)
  • Michael Brower, ’07, co-founder of and director of sales and marketing for Pigeon Hill Brewing Company (philosophy)
  • Angela Mrozinski, ’04, outreach and events director for Connecticut River Conservancy (biology)
  • Holly Chadwick, ’01, associate director for refugee processing for Church World Service (anthropology)
  • Robert Bodziak, ’97, geophysicist at Geophysical Technology (geology)
  • Joshua Duram, ’12, U.S. history and biology teacher at Coopersville High School (history)
  • David Jagusch, ’09, instructional specialist and teacher for Detroit Public Schools (English)
  • Brittland DeKorver, ’07, assistant professor of chemistry at Grand Valley (chemistry)
  • Adam Cuthbert, ’10, composer and sound designer (music, theatre and dance)
  • April Conant, ’09, professional archivist (classics)

For event information, contact Roxanne Mol at [email protected], or visit the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences website.