ArtPrize Nine to kick off with Laker Marching Band, GVSU Dance Co.

Photo of the GVSU Dance Company performing at the ArtPrize kickoff event
The Laker Marching Band and GVSU Dance Co. will help kickoff ArtPrize Nine on September 20.
Image credit - Jess Weal

The air in downtown Grand Rapids will be filled with the thundering sounds of the Laker Marching Band and cheers for the GVSU Dance Company as the two ensembles help kick off ArtPrize Nine.

The ArtPrize kickoff event will take place Wednesday, September 20, from 7-8 p.m. at Rosa Parks Circle, located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids.

The 220-member Laker Marching Band will begin the festivities with a performance at the Eberhard Center on Grand Valley's Pew Grand Rapids Campus at 6:15 p.m. before marching in cadence across the Blue Pedestrian Bridge through downtown to Rosa Parks Circle.

The band and Dance Company will then perform a second time under the direction of President Thomas J. Haas.

"Through this experience, we get to pay something back to the community of West Michigan," said Ross Lindhout, a junior at Grand Valley who is majoring in dance. "ArtPrize his a huge event that helps the Grand Rapids community, and although our dance number is just a small event in the big scheme of things, it adds to all of the other little things that make ArtPrize what it is."



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