Truth behind Middle East turmoil and geopolitics discussed at Hauenstein Center event

Herb Meyer
Herb Meyer

A brief exploration of today’s headlines shows a world dealing with crisis — disease epidemics, sectarian violence and crushing poverty, to name a few. 

But looking beyond the headlines shows a world that is much more prosperous and peaceful than most people expect, said Herb Meyer, a Reagan administration intelligence official who first predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union. In a global overview, Meyer will explain what’s behind the turmoil in the Middle East and why many countries are emerging from poverty.

American Conversations: “What in the World is Going On: A Global Intelligence Briefing”

Presented by Herb Meyer for the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies, in partnership with the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum, and Foundation

Tuesday, October 7, at 7 p.m.

Eberhard Center, Grand Valley’s Pew Grand Rapids Campus

301 W. Fulton Street

Free and open to the public

Meyer will draw on his expertise to outline the great challenges and opportunities that await students as they complete their education and move out into the world, and will also share his insights on the world’s constantly changing geopolitical landscape. 

The event is part of the Hauenstein Center’s annual “American Conversations” series that focuses on themes of leadership and civic engagement. The series includes presentations, debates, seminars and conferences to inform citizens who seek to understand how other people and generations have confronted the challenges they have faced.

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